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Gun Safe Moving When it comes to moving your gun safe the first thing you want to do is plan accordingly. There s a correct way to move a gun safe so that you reduce the chance of injury and damage. The moving method requires some specialized tools and expertise but does work well for many electronic safe gun safes. I recently had a client that successfully completed the moving of his gun safe by himself with a little help from his local licensed moving company. His success story reminded me of the many gun owners that suffer injury from improper moving of gun safes.

How to move a gun safe While you are trying to decide which type of gun safe movers to use, it s important that you carefully consider how the move will affect your guns and whether or not you have insurance. This decision will also affect the charges for the move. I recommend asking for a quote before the movers start the job. If you decide to use a licensed moving company, make sure they have insurance.

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One of the dangers involved in gun safe moving is stairs. Make sure that you have taken all possible precautions when moving a gun safe on stairs. For starters, have the gun safe bolted down to a concrete floor. In case you decide to use stairs, have the moving company remove the bottom 2 inches of the stairs. This will lessen the