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Are you wondering how to move a piano? Local piano movers offer many professional services that will help you move your piano from place to place. Long distance piano movers charge from several hundred dollars to several thousand for a long distance move. Here are a few important tips to consider when moving a piano.

Long distance piano moving needs special attention in some areas than in others. Local movers with a small staff may not be able to adequately handle the extra weight of the instrument and its components. The instrument is likely to roll at uneven speeds, causing damage to its joints and components.

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When packing for long distance moving, be sure to purchase packing tape. Be sure to also use a level, plush towel, and soft rugs on cold floors. Long distance piano movers will typically supply a truck-mounted or van-mounted packing gear. Look for padded packing tape, heavy-duty tapes, and zip-strips to protect your piano moving equipment.

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Specialized dolly wheels are available from some local movers. The dolly wheels can be used to transport upright pianos or they can be used to bring the instrument up to the front of the truck bed. The dolly can then be set in the upright position to dolly the instrument onto the bed. Other specialized dolly wheels are designed for sliding. This will allow the instrument to be slid smoothly along the floor.

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