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Many people are under the impression that you can only move your piano up or down the stairs. That is untrue. You will need to consider other options, such as how to move a piano across state or country borders, and even how to move a piano from one apartment to another. While local piano movers offer some convenience, they can cost you more than you might like to pay. The best alternative is to look for piano moving companies that specialize in furnishing pianos nationwide.

One of the first things you need to consider when you are thinking about how to move a piano, is whether the instrument is an upright or a baby grand. Upright pianos are often light enough to move using a normal hand. Babies’ pianos are usually larger and heavier. In this case, you would need a dolly or skid steer to move the instrument.

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There are many types of dollies available, but one of the most popular types of dollies is the permanent straps dolly. Many local piano moving companies provide permanent straps for all of their clients’ instruments. These straps are made of strong heavy canvas with metal fasteners. Most are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that increase the dolly’s versatility and effectiveness. You can slide your instrument effortlessly into place and the dolly will hold it securely.

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Climate controlled dollies are another option you should consider for piano mo