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Moving a Gun Safe: It may be one of the most important moves you make during your move. Gun safes are used for the storage of guns and other valuables in order to safeguard them. If the safe is too heavy or just too big to move, enlist the help of an experienced professional that has expertise moving gun safes around. Gun Safe Moving Checklists.

The first step to take in moving a gun safe is to decide if you want to hire a licensed professional mover or if you will self-relocate the gun safe yourself. There are many professional and licensed movers that are available to transport firearms and their related items. The most important thing to consider is the safety of any associates involved with the move such as children or pets. Professional movers have experience relocating gun safes and understand the steps to take in order to protect all of the items involved.

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To begin, let’s discuss steps to take in preparation for the move. When you contact a moving company you will need to list the type and number of safes in your home so that they know exactly what type of equipment is needed to move the safe and how to transport it. There are two different types of stairways that may need to be used when moving your gun safes up or down.