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There is an unfortunate misconception about how to move a piano. Most people assume that moving a piano costs thousands of dollars. That’s right, you really do have to know the answer to this riddle before you can put your moving budget in place. However, before you learn how to move a piano the correct way, let’s focus on just the variables that will ultimately affect how much to move a piano. Long distance piano moving companies charge much less than local movers, but the local movers are also much better equipped to move pianos up or down the stairs in both the left and right hand positions.

There are a few other variables, besides how to move a piano and the cost of the piano moving supplies, that will make a big difference when moving a piano. The first factor is the height of the piano. There is actually a scale used to measure the height of pianos, and it is called the piano board height scale. This scale is divided by each key on a piano to determine how high the keys must be moved to reach the “board level” at which the piano would sit. For pianos that are very tall, this scale will be a bit difficult to interpret.

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So now we come to another commonly asked question: How much to move a piano? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the difficulty of the move and wher