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Although it is entirely possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommend hiring professional piano movers for an extremely complex and valuable item as heavy as a piano. It is easy to locate a local moving company which provides piano moving services at very affordable rates, and most can even include piano moving into a complete family move. You’ll be Blacksburgd at how much easier it will be to have the moving and storing of your piano completed when you utilize local moving professionals to do the work for you. This article is intended as a short, quick guide to how to move a piano, so if you have never moved a piano before, it may be of some help to you to read through the following brief instruction.

When it comes to piano moving, local movers will be able to provide you with professional piano moving services, regardless of whether you’re moving the piece locally or across the country. If you are moving an upright piano across the country, local movers will have the necessary equipment to move this piece properly. Upright pianos are much heavier than other types and can even require specially-designed crates or furniture to ensure their safe transportation. However, if you are moving your upright piano over the Internet, there is no need to hire local movers because the Internet has developed into an efficient tool for moving any