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Moving a piano is not always easy. It can be hard to know exactly how to move a piano, especially if it’s large or oddly shaped. It’s also a pain to have to drive a truck up and down the long road to the local piano movers’ office. In most cases, moving a piano requires professional movers; local movers are often too expensive or just too far away.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to minimize the expense of moving your upright piano long distances. The most important thing is to be organized. You need to figure out how to move it, where to move it, and how long it will take. There are many local piano moving companies that offer free estimates. You can call around and find out their prices before you book your move.

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One of the first steps in how to move a piano is to set up a budget. Determine how much money you have to spend on local movers and whether or not you have insurance. Be as specific as possible about the items that need to be moved, such as its size and shape, how many pieces it has, and where it’s located. The local piano movers will help you with these details.

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Next, the movers will quote you a flat rate for moving the piano. This includes a total price for transporting the piano one hundred miles, or one thousand miles, whichever distance is c