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Blue Ridge Refrigerator Moving

Moving a refrigerator is not the same as moving a freezer or food storage unit. Refrigerator are large and bulky, some have wheels, and need to be carefully moved. This type of moving is generally not the kind of job a professional moving company would take on alone. Many small, local movers in your area are specialized in moving refrigerators and will do a reasonable cost estimate.

The best way to decide if refrigerator moving is right for you is to talk to movers that have done it before. There are many movers that advertise on the Internet, but unless they have already handled several similar jobs you should not hire them. Talk to friends, coworkers, and neighbors for referrals to reputable, professional movers. If you can find references from the movers themselves that tell you about their experiences, you will have a better chance of hiring them.

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Refrigerator Moving is a two step process. The first step is to load the appliance dolly with all of the contents of the refrigerator. It should include food, drinks, ice creams, milk, water, food processors, cleaning supplies, towels, linens, dishes, pots and pans, and spices. The dolly should also be well balanced to avoid tipping over.

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The second step in moving a refrigerator is moving the refri