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Boones Mill Furniture Assembly

As a professional Boones Mill furniture assembly business operator, have assembled hundreds of different units. All known and approved standard, modern knock-down furniture assembly for all rooms. A good number of these units have been purchased by international customers who require ready to assemble (RTA) furnishings at a fraction of the cost of purchasing ready to assemble furniture from a local showroom. It is my professional opinion that RTA is the only viable solution for the discerning customer in terms of saving money as well as time, not to mention the pride of ownership. In this article I will explain the best way possible on how to assemble and disassemble furniture with ease and efficiency.

Furniture assembly is a relatively simple process as long as the pieces are safely stored when disassembled. Assembling pieces of furniture can be done by anybody regardless of their previous experience. You don’t need any specific training to assemble a table or chair if you know how to use basic household tools such as screw drivers and a saw. You should ensure that any potential purchasers of your ready to assemble products first check with you regarding the assembly instructions provided with each piece. Failure to follow the guidelines could lead to damage being caused to the consumer as well as costly delay