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Botetourt County Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub is not as simple as a few steps inside your house and throwing it on a trailer and driving off. It is not even as easy as that. Moving a hot tub is a delicate task and requires a lot of considerations before and after the hot tub has been packed. The first and foremost consideration would be to check if the hot tub is stable on its foundation. If it is not then there’s a good chance that it will flip over as soon as it’s loaded onto the truck.

Hot-tub movers will charge you depending on the distance and size of the spa. The cost of moving a hot tub from a dealer to a moving service range from around 200 to 400 dollars. When you add up the expenses added up due to factors such as distance, labour cost, the surrounding area you live in, etc, all will end up adding up to around $1000 quite quickly.

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There are ways to reduce this expense. If you’re moving from out of town, try renting a truck from a moving company instead of hiring a pickup truck. If you’re moving from the country, hiring a moving company that has local support will be a better idea. Ask if the moving company will transport the spa on a flatbed truck or a flatbed trailer. A flatbed trailer will help reduce the amount of time that the spa will be station