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Properly Moving A Gun Safe Having an electronic safe is one of the best choices when it comes to securing your guns in transit. However, there s a wrong way to go about moving a gun safe. The proper procedure takes some specialized tools and expertise but does work for many gun safe types. Always advise however that you leave the moving of large-sized gun safes to the pros, but if you need to do it on your own, be sure to carefully follow all safety instructions.

The first step in moving a safe is to remove the battery from the unit. Next, remove the keys if they are attached. You will then need to unscrew the case from the base or bottom of the safe and then lower it on top of the stairwell. The safe must be totally emptied out before proceeding so that nothing can be left behind that could be used against you during transport.

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If your gun safe was manufactured as an extension to another already-built gun safe, then make sure that it is safely stored in a secure location prior to your move. Securely storing it at a safe-end may be preferable. Using a gun safe moving tips can help protect your investment while ensuring that your property is moving smoothly and safely to your new home. Here are some more gun safe moving tips:

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Contact a professional moving company. While gun-safe-moving companies may be avai