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Buchanan One Piece Moves

Moving heavy furniture can be a nightmare when you don’t have the proper tools. You will need a dolly to lift the piece of furniture, two pallets for each piece and a forklift. A dolly is a piece of equipment with wheels that is specifically designed to move large pieces of furniture with a lot of weight. The wheels allow you to not only move the piece of furniture but roll it as well. If you have ever watched a moving show on television, you will see the truck get rolling while the dolly slowly picked up the piece of furniture. Make sure you have two dollies and a forklift for moving furniture.

Two people are required for moving heavy furniture because it can be hard to keep the dollies balanced while they are being driven. It is easier to use two people, but it still takes a strong person to drive and balance the dollies. Make sure you have a buddy or someone trusted that can help you if you choose to move your furniture by yourself. You don’t want to take the chance of your friend or loved one is hurting themselves while lifting or moving heavy furniture. Make sure your buddy has a few days of strength to hang on to the dollies and move the furniture.

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Local movers make moving heavy furniture easy. If you do decide to use a local mover, you will be pleased to know you can trust them. They will use high qual