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Buchanan Senior Movers

Experienced in downsizing your senior move? Whether you are downsizing with a local move, hiring movers from a moving company, or moving across the country, you may need help with packing and moving. Senior relocations can mean downsizing in a big house to a smaller one, making the move to a retirement community in another state or even a smaller apartment. Hiring local movers will mean the loss of familiarity with family and friends, not to mention all the housework that must be done. Senior moving and packing companies that specialize in senior moves will do everything possible to make your senior moving and packing experience a wonderful one.

Moving and packing involves a variety of tasks including loading, unloading, transporting, unpacking, re-arranging furniture, and re-stocking items needed at your new home. There is no time limit on these activities. You could easily have the move over on a Saturday, spend the Monday doing cleanup and cleaning up, and spend the Friday doing dishes, laundry, and other chores. If the move is going faster than you are able to handle, call in more help.

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The first step in moving and packing is hiring a moving crew. Call around to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members for recommendations as to which moving crew they used when they were downsizing. You may also wan