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Cave Spring Refrigerator Moving

Moving day can bring a lot of anxiousness into our lives, especially when there is a large family in the home to pack. Moving your refrigerator can be one of those things that can cause stress if you don’t make it through the process smoothly. With a little planning and preparation you can move your refrigerator in a breeze. Here are some tips on moving a refrigerator by yourself, or with the help of movers.

* Move the appliance dolly – If you do not already own a moving company, they may not have a large enough dolly to fit your refrigerator. A small refrigerator dolly comes in handy for moving just about anything. The small size will allow for a lot more movement than if you were to use a large flatbed moving dolly. Call your moving company or pick up the telephone and ask for a small refrigerator dolly.

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* Unplug all connections – Now that your electric supply has been turned off and your gas tank is empty the only thing left to do is unplug all your electrical connections from the wall outlet and move the appliance dolly in a horizontal position across the floor. If there are any coolant lines remaining, you will want to place a few large sheets of plywood under the hot water heater to prevent damage