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When you own a piano and plan to move it, there are several different things that need to be considered. Pianist often find moving a piano very stressful. Many people choose to hire local piano movers to move the piano. However, the moving expenses can often be exorbitant. There are several different ways to save money when moving the piano.

Locking the piano: You should invest in some quality locking piano moving equipment. These locking devices will ensure that the piano does not move even when the piano movers are transporting it. The cost for moving a double-tiered upright piano ranges from approximately $500 to more than $3,200. The average moving price for an upright piano is around $1,100. A double-tiered upright piano will cost approximately $1,500 to move.

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Make sure the piano is resting flat: Before piano moving, make absolutely certain that the piano is resting on a flat piece of furniture. This will reduce the amount of piano vibration that will occur during the move. If the piano lid is not properly secured, the lid could fly off during the move and could cause the music store or venue to be damaged. Most upright pianos should rest on a piano board that rests on the floor by eight to twelve inches. Some mobile piano movers will provide you