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Cloverdale Hot Tub Moving

Hot tub moving companies use special equipment to help move big or tall tubs safely and securely. When moving an extremely tall or heavy hot tub, there are some safety considerations that should be addressed. An average hot tub weighing nearly 900 pounds generally doesn’t go without a bit of assistance. When moving such a big item, it’s always best to plan for at least some serious lifting.

It can be possible to move the whole family on your own, with the entire group aiding, up to at least ten individuals, and even the possibility of more than that. However, it’s never worth the risk to human life and limb. For these reasons, it’s always wise to contact a hot tub moving company to do the job right. These specialists know just how to move big hot tubs in a safe, professional manner.

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A hot tub moving company will usually provide you with a variety of specialized dollies to lift your spa to a safe height. These slings will support the entire length of the spa, with a center tie-down piece holding it to the ground. It’s a good idea to have a second person at all times in case one of the dollies malfunctions or falls over. This is particularly important for larger spa lifts, which may weigh hundreds of pounds.

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