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Craig County Piano Movers

For those interested in moving their piano from town to town, or across the country, there are several options available. One is local moving, which is convenient if you know someone in your town who can take care of it for you. Another option is to hire a piano mover, which can be fairly expensive, though it can be done quickly and without any hassles. Local moving is easiest, although if you don’t know anyone who does it, you will have to do it yourself.

Piano moving can conjure up visions of huge torsos and strong men with huge arms, but in reality only two people of average size can do most piano moving tasks, even when they have the proper equipment, the experience, the knowledge of when and where to use some powerful force, and some patience. Even a small move, from town to town, can be pretty difficult for a piano, so you will want to plan how to move a piano carefully. This includes your decision on how to transport it. If you are moving it across the country, you might have to do it by a truck, unless you use some sort of low-cost, long-distance carrier. Most upright pianos are fairly small, so if you don’t have to use a truck, that makes it easier on you, since a piano can weigh several hundred pounds.

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Upright pianos are more fragile than other types, and as a result, you must c