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Daleville Mattress Moving

Mattresses are big, they can sometimes be uncomfortable to lift, and they flop around during sleepovers making for a mess. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are moving your mattress from a dorm room to your new house, you will want to protect the mattress in advance with a mattress moving box. This is a box that has a zipper on one side so that you can seal it closed. It will keep the mattress safe, dry and away from allergens. If you have a spring mattress or an air mattress, this is especially important as these products can loose their fill and become prone to mattress leaks.

Before you even get started with transporting your mattress you will want to make sure that you are transporting it by yourself. All too often people have a moving van or other vehicle used to transport mattresses and not the other way around. And having a flat tire can quickly ruin a good night’s sleep. So make sure that you have a way to call your moving company while you are at your new home. And of course if you are transporting it in your own vehicle, don’t put the mattress in the trunk; this can cause it to leak.

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Licensed movers are professionals who have been trained in how to move a mattress safely. You can find them online. They will charge a reasonable fee for their service