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Elliston Piano Movers

Piano moving is one serious undertaking. You cannot afford to get it wrong. That’s why taking the time to learn how to move a piano safely should be your first priority. Even if you hire local piano movers for the job, you will still need some knowledge about how to move a piano long distance. So let’s take a look at some basic information about moving a piano long distance.

If you have an upright piano, then the most important piece of equipment that you will require to move it is the four-wheel moving dolly. The dolly can be attached to the floor or to a wall or a low-hanging peg, depending on your needs. The piano rollers are not required, but many people like to use them for a smoother movement. The dolly can be secured to the ground with a rubber or metal casters or with wooden wheels. It should fit firmly under the piano so that the dolly does not move even when the piano is in motion. The casters should give enough grip to prevent the rollers from slipping away from the body.

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The next thing you should consider about piano moving is the moving straps. You will need a minimum of four to move a grand piano (which is almost as large as a softball table). One set of straps should be used to support the other two along the length of the instrument. The length of the moving straps should be kept in mind when you are choosing a piano moving rental compan