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Ferrum Safe Movers

Properly Moving Your Gun Safe It s a simple, right way to move your gun safe with ease and minimal risk of damage. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but does work well for most gun safe protectors. Never ever, leave the moving of heavy duty gun safes and other specialized moves to just the pros, but if at all possible, do leave it in the hands of the pros. This is why it’s so important to find a licensed moving company that knows exactly how to move a gun safe with the utmost safety. You can never replace your own gun safe at home, so don’t do anything you or your valuables are not sure of. Having a licensed professional do the job properly and safely will give you peace of mind, minimize the chance of damage or injury to your gun safe and ensure that your property is properly moved to its new location.

Always Move With Extra Care When moving safes between floors or even between rooms, always use extra care when lifting on top of the safes themselves. Never push up on the bottom or sides of the safe, as this is where most guns can be disabled by damage or injury. Always use the lifting harness or a flat bed moving cart when moving between floors, and if you must move the safe on your own, don’t attempt to do so on broken or uneven stairs.

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