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What is local piano moving? Simply put, piano moving means moving your piano from one spot in your house to another. In other words, it is more than just loading the piano onto a truck and hauling it someplace else. It is equally important to think about where you are going to move the piano to get the best price possible.

Local Piano Moving The actual cost to move a piano locally will vary anywhere from $100 – 500, depending upon the distance of the move and what kind of piano is being moved. A local piano moving quote usually depends on the following: Type of Piano Being moved Cost for each piece of equipment Type of Room Furniture being moved Reasons for moving The weight and size of the pieces being moved

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Picking the Right Piano Mover A good piano moving specialists will make use of state-of-the-art technology when packing your grand pianos. These moving specialists will know exactly how to pack each and every piece with the right cushioning, padding and protection against the elements. Most moving companies that specialize in piano moving also have specially trained staff who are able to pack, load and unpack each and every instrument with the utmost precision, ensuring that your things are thoroughly protected. Companies like International Piano Movers have experts who are specially trained at handling delicate items like grand pianos.

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