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Fincastle Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub can be a very dangerous endeavor. An average hot tub with no water usually weighs well over 900 pounds. It’s simply not worth taking the chance of moving this big bulky item by yourself without assistance. Even if you are up to the task, there are plenty of things that you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself and others while moving hot tubs.

One of the biggest concerns for any hot tub moving company is safety. The bigger the spa, the more weight you’re going to have to take into consideration. When moving a spa deck, you need to make sure there’s a good deck that is strong enough to hold the weight of the spa and all of its components. It’s important to have the proper measurements taken before beginning the job to make sure you’re properly prepared. Talk to your mover’s and make sure they’re aware of the size and weight of all of the items involved in moving the spa deck.

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Moving a spa deck is going to involve more than just your typical lugging and carrying. The deck will likely need to be placed on a foundation before the movers begin their work. Any damage to the foundation should be addressed in advance so you can avoid unnecessary delays and minimize the risk of accidents as well. When it comes to hot tub moving, one of the main concerns is making