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The internet is filled with people bragging about their ability to move furniture themselves. Many people have found the process to be stressful and time consuming. The result is they end up paying more than needed for their furniture moving services. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid overpaying for your furniture moving services. Here are some tips on how to move furniture yourself.

– Ask the furniture delivery agency if they offer free shipping for upholstered items. Typically, furniture delivery companies charge a flat rate for delivery and outsource the chore to a local outside third party transport company. In this instance, the individual delivering the furniture is likely to only receive a fraction of the total delivery charge.

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– Free shipping is not available during July and August. This is because these are the most popular months for moving and packing. Furniture companies typically recommend preparing the furniture for shipping at least four to six weeks in advance. In addition, this is the off season for mover services as many companies are more willing to get customers like you to use their services for the entire summer.

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– You should also ask furniture delivery services if they offer new ho