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Forest Refrigerator Moving

Moving your refrigerator is one of the things that you will probably do in the course of your lifetime. You might be thinking about some of the appliances that are expensive to replace; this includes your milk and juice cartons. This means that you will have to use a dolly to move it, or have someone else do the move for you. The following are tips on how to move a refrigerator with minimal damage to your home.

The third step to how to move a refrigerator with minimal damage is to secure the top. One option that many people use is to tie the door closed with some rope, which can secure the lid as well. If the appliance is not coming directly from the ground, you can simply place plywood underneath, then tie the lid. This will help protect the appliance, as well as prevent any damage to the top. Using a blanket or towels to protect the floor near the appliance can also help keep the floor dry during the move.

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The fourth step to moving a refrigerator with minimal damage is to remove all items from inside the refrigerator. Some people choose to leave food in order to keep the space clean. If so, then you should remove the food from the refrigerator and any bowls or cartons from the bottom of the unit. Your professional movers will know how to remove these items safely for you. A