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Glenvar Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub is a major task that needs to be taken care of professionally by professionals who know how to move a hot tub. If you are considering the option of moving your hot tub, you should think it over thoroughly before moving it yourself. The price of moving a hot tub from one location to another can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. When you consider other additional costs added to the total such as labor costs, distance, time, weather, additional equipment, and the city you reside in, moving the tub can quickly add up to a large amount of money. Hiring a professional moving company would be a better choice if you are not very handy with tools and do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself.

Many professional moving companies offer a specialized moving service called the “Dollygar” maneuver which uses special dollies to move the hot tub from one location to another. A dolly is basically a flat bed with wheels on both sides. Hot tub dollies are designed specifically to fit over and under the hot tub for easy maneuvering and the ability to reach high and low areas.

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One of the main considerations in moving hot tubs or spa dollies is the safety of the spa dolly itself. Hot tub safety standards have been put in place to prevent injury or property damage due to moving or falling objects. Moving a spa dolly