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When you are planning to move your piano from place to place, there are always questions like – How much does it cost? – Where would I go and how much would it cost? Well, the answers to those questions are actually relative. That is right, you also need to know the answer for that riddle so you could set up your moving budget accordingly.

But first let us discuss the typical costs to move a piano across state lines. This is applicable whether your piano is an acoustic or an electric one. The local movers quote in a flat rate for both types. But as a starting point you may want to estimate separately how much it would cost for each type of moving vehicle. Now remember, musical instrument moving trucks are charged according to their size and weight.

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So now that you have estimated your move expenses we can move on to how to move a piano. You could use any professional moving company for this purpose. But there are certain pros and cons to using a professional moving company. Let us first look at the pros. For one you get the best movers and packers. They are fully equipped with the proper tools for moving pianos and other musical instruments.

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With the help of the piano moving equipment, you get to save a lot of time. All you need is a dolly and some elbow grease to get the job done. The equipment consists of a dolly of large size with wheels. It has a strong plat