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Henry Fork Furniture Delivery

What is Full-Service Furniture Delivery? Full-service furniture delivery simply means that a truck is scheduled to arrive at your home, the furniture is unboxed/loaded/assembled by specially trained staff and then set into your room where you wish it. This is usually the most high-end experience when it comes to moving services. For this reason, some people opt to use only full-service moving companies, as they want the greatest level of service from the beginning.

It is quite possible to move all of your furniture by yourself. However, it is much more expedient to use movers to make the entire process easier on you. Movers can pack everything for you, load it into the truck, and then take it to your new location. They will also unpack it and then reassemble everything once they arrive at your new home. If there is any damage done to anything during the move, movers can help with repairing it, or offer to carry out any extra work that you have requested.

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How to move furniture by yourself: Assembling furniture is a relatively straightforward process. Start with the furniture you wish to move. Find out if it is delivered in one piece, or if it comes in pieces, like tables, couches, chairs, beds, etc. For furniture delivered in pieces, break each piece into manageab