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Even though you can move a piano yourself, highly recommended it s to hire local piano movers. For an item as valuable and complex as this, it’s best to leave it in the hands of the pros. There are many local movers who offer full moving services at reasonable rates, and most can even include piano moving into the overall moving of a household. Read on for more information about how to move a piano.

The first step in how to move a piano is to call a professional piano mover and schedule an appointment. You can either call local movers, or book an online appointment with a professional moving service. If you call a local moving company, they will usually come to your home with a dolly and tape it to your piano lid. This prevents scratches to your lid while it is being moved.

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Once the professional movers arrive at your home, they will disassemble and put your piano lid back on. They will also lift the entire piano, including the legs and the tuning bars. Most upright piano moving companies will move the piano by lifting it by the neck. For instruments that do not have legs, like cellos, they will use a dolly to lift it. Then they’ll lower it down on a flat bed with wheels. You’ll see the movers remove the wheels at this point.

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