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Henry Fork Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is not as simple as one might think. Why is the moving pool table so hard to move? Well, the pool tables are usually some of the largest pieces in any house! Take a look around you and how many things do you see that is larger than a pool table? On average, the pool table weights approximately 1,100 pounds.

Now add to that its odd shape and you’re having a hard moving experience moving one of these large tables. The best way to pack for a pool table moving is to use proper packing. There are three main steps to proper packing. These steps are described here:

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The first step to proper pool table moving packing is to remove the table completely from your possession. Removing the table from your possession requires removing it from any and all pockets in which it may be contained. Pool table movers will advise you to remove the lid to prevent damage to the table during the disassembly process. If you are disassembling the table yourself, make sure the lid is removed before disassembling the table. Leaving it open during the disassembly process can lead to damage to the table.

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The second step to proper packing for a pool table moving is to disassemble the table. In order to perform this