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Hollins Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is often stressful. Yet, when you are faced with the decision of moving a mattress, there’s little choice but to go ahead and do it. If you are unsure of how to move a mattress or have never attempted it before, it is best to invest in the services of a licensed professional mattress mover. Even though you might spend some extra money to hire a professional mover, the benefits may outweigh the costs.

A mattress topper is one that stands up to the test of time. It’s a heavy plastic container which securely places your old mattress in place, protecting it from getting knocked over during the move. If this is the first time experiencing the words mattress topper, you must know that mattress toppers are made to accommodate even all sizes of beds; from twin, full, king to a king-sized bed… And they come in various materials too, such as memory foam, jute and cotton.

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Moving a mattress can be as simple or as involved as you wish, but movers will suggest a two-step process. First, the movers will cut your old mattress into pieces. Then, they will fold the pieces (or use specialized “shelves”) in such a way that they will be easier to transport. The resulting “piece-meal” will require a truck or a moving van and will probably need to be accompanied by a forklift