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If you have made the decision to relocate your piano either across town or across the country, there are some things that you should know in advance so that your move goes smoothly. Knowing how to move a piano is crucial. The wrong move can result in damage to the instrument and increased risks for injuries to those that may play or handle it. Local movers specialize in moving pianos and know how to move them safely. Read on for information about how to move a piano and how local, long distance piano moving services take.

Pricing for moving pianos varies greatly from place to place. Local moving companies will often quote a flat rate for general handling or transporting. Other moving companies charge an hourly rate for a specified number of miles, days of service, or the total distance moved. In addition, some piano movers offer a special hourly rate if the instrument is equipped with a pre-assembled soundboard or keyboard.

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When considering how to move a piano safely, you must first consider local laws and requirements that must be met in order to move the piano legally. Some places require that the piano be dropped on a flat surface, other require that it be rolled on a cart, and still others require that it be transferred by a professional service that has received specialized training and has been licensed. A piano moving quote will likely differ depending on the requi