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Lafayette Furniture Delivery

What Is Full Service Furniture Delivery? Full service furniture delivery means your furniture is loaded/unloaded/assembled by trained staff and then placed in your new room where you wish it. This is typically the highest-grade experience when it came to moving services. The downside, however, is that it could be quite expensive.

Common Complaints About Furniture Shipping/Packing: One of the most common complaints people have about furniture delivery/packing is the long wait time it takes to get what they packed to their new home. When furniture movers make their beds, it can take several days or even longer for them to pack everything, so getting all of your furniture pieces shipped and unpacked on the same day will definitely be a nightmare. Furniture that was delivered in this manner often ends up in the garage or the attic because it is just too difficult to assemble. Many people will just decide not to put it away because they are frustrated with the whole process. Furniture that is put together with the aid of other peoples help can sometimes take much longer than furniture that is assembled solely by the self. Some people are simply too stubborn when it comes to assembly, and they will rather pay more for the help of a skilled craftsman than put themselves into an already difficult situ