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When it comes to moving your gun safe, youll want to carefully plan according to the type of gun and time you will be using it. There is a correct way to move a gun safe and lessen the chance of injury and damage. The process takes some special equipment and training but will work well for most standard gun safes. Following these simple steps, will help you move your gun safe safely and effectively.

The first step in gun safe moving is to know your local and state laws. Many states require that firearms be kept in locked boxes or areas that can be accessed only by adults. If you have questions about what kind of regulations apply to your state, call your local police department or office.

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Next, determine how you are going to transport the firearm. If you have the time and ability, you can unload it yourself. If you do not have this luxury, you may need the assistance of a professional moving company. The safest way to transport your gun safe is on flat ground in a vehicle. If you must use stairs to get to the storage area, then make sure the stairway is flat, level and clean. Your goal is to keep the firearm in the same location and susceptible to any possible theft or accidental damage.

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You also need to consider how you will pack your firearms. If you have a lot of valuable items, it might be safer to use a multi-level, stacked safe ra