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Laymantown Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is not something most people want to do. Moving a refrigerator is also not something most people want to do. But a mattress can be just as much trouble as moving a refrigerator and here’s why: Refrigerators are giant bulky objects, that take up tons of space in the garage. Mattresses are heavier, they make you roll them around and get them down the stairway and finally getting them all down the floor to the truck is an absolute pain. However, moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are moving your mattress to a different home, you might just want to cover the mattress with a mattress moving mattress bag, which you can pick up with your moving supplies.

But for some reason, people still try to tackle this task without it. Here are some tips for moving a mattress or two without spending an arm and a leg: If the mattress is in one piece (as far as you can get it), then just unzip the whole thing and set it on the ground. Then, roll it around a bit, so the metal springs will catch some of the air and then dump it in the moving boxes.

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If the mattress has rips and tears, then these will need to be taken care of separately, as the movers cannot cover these with ratchet straps. First off, these tears are caused by the weight of the mattress pushing on the walls of the moving truck. The more weight that you put on there, the more the matt