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Merrimac Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress is a pretty standard and everyday task that most households perform at least once in their lifetime. Usually, the last thing thought about is mattress moving, all the cumbersome old bed has to be dismantled, unwrapped, and put back gently into a moving truck. But moving a mattress to a new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. It can be quite enjoyable if you have a few tips for success. If you’re like most homeowners, it can be a pretty low-risk way to make your old mattress go to a new place.

Before you make any move on your mattress, be sure to arrange for any special needs that you may have with regards to the move. For instance, if you will be using a moving truck, be sure to let your movers know if you plan to use additional pillows during the move. Special cushions for the headboard may be necessary to prevent pressure sores on your scalp from the movement of the truck and bed. Additionally, it might be necessary to put a bed skirt on the mattress if it will not come off easily. All movers are experienced and skilled, but it helps to have a couple of suggestions to help speed up the moving process.

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When choosing to move mattresses, always have the size of the truck or van that will be used to transport the mattresses ready. Be sure to call your moving company ahead of time to confirm if there are any extra c