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How do you move an upright piano? The professional movers specialize in moving the big and tall, as well as pianos. If you don’t have a lot of extra room in your home, this is a hard decision to make. Pianos are prized possessions, so if you don’t want to break the bank or deal with moving a large instrument there are many local movers that can move your instrument successfully. The following paragraphs will address some of the details of how to move a piano and the considerations that should be taken into account when moving a piano.

What Do I Need For Piano Moving? You need to find out what size and type of piano you have. Upright and flat top types are slightly different than upright styles, but both are popular instruments. Upright piano moving companies can usually provide all the information you need in order to determine how much the move will cost. In most cases moving companies charge based on cubic yards; so, if you have a 4″ upright piano and you are charged $1000 for moving it, that would be the price per cubic yard.

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Upholstered pianos are easier to move, but they can also cost less. Many local piano mover companies will move your furniture at a reduced cost if it is covered by a warranty. You should ask your piano mover if this is the case.

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