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Moneta Packing Movers

“Moneta movers and Packers, with a large and knowledgeable moving company fleet, are recommended for all of your moving needs. We offer the utmost in customer service, with each moving professional offering a personalized moving quote tailored to your specific moving needs. Our movers and packers are experienced, licensed and qualified to move your belongings quickly and safely. Whether moving within the city or across the country, our movers are committed to moving your belongings with professional care and reliability.

“When you are looking to relocate, you need to know exactly what your moving needs will be. Movers and Packers offer the most complete moving package, including packing materials, relocation supplies and more. Our movers and packers have many moving options including refrigerated units, ramps, and tie-downs. Our movers also offer services such as insurance claims processing, property management, a secure loading and unloading area, secure truck loading and unloading, and detailed packing instructions. Because we pack everything ourselves, we can ensure that your items will arrive in good shape. There is no more having to hope that some of your valuable items will make it to the new home because they just don’t make it that way – we do it all for you, every time.”

★Star City Services★: Packing Movers in Moneta

“After moving, there a