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The cost of moving a piano depends on several factors. How big is it? Is it an old or a new one? What kind of music is it?

But before we discuss the typical costs to move a piano across town, let us first focus on some factors which will impact the overall piano moving cost. The first factor is the size, weight and make of your piano. Heavier and larger upright pianos cost more to move between point A and point B just because they will take more manpower with specialized equipment, more wrapped materials and more partial disassembling…but they are worth every penny. If you have an upright piano, you can move it yourself, but if it’s a baby grand piano, you better call a professional piano mover. The weight of the baby grand piano is much too great for the upright pianos to handle safely.

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The next factor is the type of piano being moved. Would you like a portable electronic piano or a more permanent “traditional” grand? Which way will the piano move – on a flat bed truck, an incline conveyor or stairway? And if you are not moving the piano from one place to another but rather bringing the musical instrument from one spot to another, what material will it be covered with – wood, plywood, sheet metal?

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And the third factor of the piano moving costs is the transporta