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Montgomery County Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly is a simple task for the less confident handy men and women. Minimum cost. The average national price of labor to assemble furniture ranging from $125 to $ 175 depending upon the size and complexities, with the highest being $200 to assemble a small bed frame. Furniture assembly costs vary greatly. Some items, such as dressers, are large and thus require more than one person to put them together. A dresser usually takes two people about half an hour if they can be accomplished by one or two hands, but with several bedrooms the same dresser might take twice that amount of time.

An experienced furniture assembly would tell you that the most difficult pieces to assemble are those that can be constructed quickly and easily. It is almost impossible to assemble furnishings such as couches, desks, dressers, television stands, and many other smaller items that are found in the average home. While it is easy to see how furniture assembly can be accomplished for these larger items, assembling small items such as beds can be a problem. A bed normally takes up one wall of the bedroom and only a few seconds to put together if two people can be combined to accomplish this task. Beds