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Gun Safe Moving Tips: There is a correct way to move a gun safe on a moving truck to minimize the risk of damage and injury. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but can work well for many standard electronic safe gun safes. Always remember that, regardless of the circumstance, always leave the moving of any heavy-duty gun safe and other specialty moves to a professional movers, but if you must do them yourself, follow these gun safe moving tips: Never attempt to move any type of gun safe on your own. If you have any questions about how to move a gun safe or any other questions pertaining to any type of moving, never try to solve the problem alone. Only with the help of licensed professionals can you safely and securely move any type of safe.

Here are the main points to keep in mind when trying to move a gun safe on a flat surface: If you are using site protection you need to be very careful in what you are doing. Gun safes should only be moved up and down stairs. This applies even if they are heavily secured. Guns should never be moved in disassembled state. Site protection prevents any accidental damage to the safe while it is being moved. Gun safes with detachable slings should not be moved on any level except up and down stairs.