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Local moving companies offer many advantages over large international movers. For starters, they are much smaller and therefore have a more personal touch. They are also more accustomed to the particular needs of individual households. Here are a few local moving tips that can help you make your move more affordable:

Hiring local movers can save you money. This is particularly true when moving from a very small town to a much larger city. While some large nationwide movers may go as far as two or three miles, most local movers charge only around 40 miles for up to 400 pounds of goods. Even though it may take longer, hiring local movers can save you money.

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Choosing a moving company that offers value is important. This is especially true for individuals who have a lot of small and large items to move. Some large nationwide movers charge extremely high rates for moving small and large items. It is important that you check pricing before you contact a moving company. This can help you choose the best moving company for your needs.

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Local movers offer a unique service. Many local move companies charge their customers only about 50 miles for an interstate move. While this may seem like a great deal,