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Montgomery County Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is not like moving to any other kind of furniture, which is why it is important to use only the best mattress moving companies in your area. Mattresses are extremely heavy, they are awkward to lift, and they typically flop around like they are on a trampoline. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to a different house, you will probably want to load the mattress into a trucker’s bed or into a mattress moving truck, which you can usually get with the larger moving supplies.

The first step to take before moving your mattresses is to turn the power off, and unplug anything that needs to be powered up. You will need to move a mattress to another location, which means that it has to be turned down on the sleeping pad. This ensures that no electricity or gas is going to escape, and also that the bed isn’t going to tip over.

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The next step in how to move a mattress is to remove the old cover. Old mattresses have a plastic protective liner that can become very hard to remove. Mattress movers will have special tools that can remove this plastic layer, allowing you to slip the mattress