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Montvale Moving and Storage

Moving and storage are one of the most important factors in relocating. There are several different types of moving services available, but the most popular are local movers and moving companies. A local moving company can have its own van, trailer or facility to offer services within your local area. A long distance moving service will typically have a company truck with full-time movers and storage facilities in different areas. Here are a few tips for long distance moving that will help you make the best choice for your belongings.

The most important thing to do right from the start is to set up a plan for your move. Whether you decide to store your belongings temporarily in a store, have them picked up by a moving company or have them moved by a large moving company like Lemonade Cleaners, it is important to know how long you want to store your items, what type of storing you will do and where you will put it. If you store your things at a store for more than two weeks, you will have to pay additional fees to store your items there.

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Moving companies usually have storage options, but some areas have additional restrictions. Check with your local moving company about their storage options. Temporary storage may be an option, but this might be more expensive than regular storage services