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North Shore Hot Tub Moving

Hot tub moving can be a messy, frustrating and dangerous task. With proper planning you can lessen the threat of injury, while simultaneously increasing the convenience of moving one yourself. If you are considering this option for relocating your hot tub, read the advice given below which will help you to make the whole process much easier.

One of the main risks involved in moving a hot tub is the sheer size of the object itself. An ordinary hot tub without water normally weights around 900 pounds. When moving this large object, it goes without saying that you have to plan well for some serious lifting. You will need at least two people to help, as well as at least one other person who is strong enough to help lift the tub. It can be possible to carry the tub on your back, up to a maximum of ten feet, and the danger to life and health is generally not worth it. If you don’t have a group of at least four strong individuals who can assist you, then you should consider renting some moving services to help you with the move.

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Some hot tubs are built with a raised deck. This raised deck can come off its hinges and become unstable if not properly secured. This is why most hot tub moving companies include a deck lock with all moving services. The deck loc