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Penhook Pool Table Moving

When you’re dealing with delicate, large, heavy and possibly expensive items such as pool tables and other piano/pool table accessories, you need expert assistance. Hiring Pool Table Moving and Stages professionals to move your table to a specified location is one way to get the job done expertly and safely. You’ll also minimize the risk of injuries and damages, while you have Pool Table movers VA along with you. Find out the basic steps of how to move a pool table by reading the tips below.

The first step to learn about how to move a pool table moving or towing is to know the size of the table. Knowing the exact measurement of the pool table’s dimensions is essential for your safety. For best results, try to get all the information from the manufacturer including the table size, table weight, distances between corners, base weight and the number of legs. Of course, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide the data, contact a licensed moving and storage company that offer this kind of services.

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Next, choose the service provider. Moving and storage companies offer different moving services such as pool tables towing, disassembling, packing and assembling. There are companies that offer total convenience of moving and storing your pool tables. To make the best choice among different movers, check customer reviews and ask for