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Plum Creek Mattress Moving

Moving your mattress is something that most people never even think about. Mattresses are heavy, they are cumbersome to carry and they flop all over the place if you are not careful. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are moving your mattress to another house, you will probably want to load the bed with a mattress moving truck, which you can usually find with your moving supplies. But how do you move a mattress?

First, if you have children or pets, it is very dangerous to try and move a mattress by yourself because you can get seriously hurt if you are not using the proper safety precautions. Make sure that you have removed the pillows, blankets and other large pieces of foam from the mattress. The last thing you want is your mattress falling on top of them. If the pieces of foam are all on the floor, then use a carpet runner to protect your floor.

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Make sure that you move a mattress in an area that is completely covered with towels or big towels so that you do not get a wet mattress on top of the new mattress. The best way to transport a mattress is to stack it up as much as possible and to use a flat surface to push it down and start the moving process. If the mattress is loose, then put a towel under it to keep it from moving.