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Moving a Gun Safe: There is a correct way to transport a gun safe with out damaging or endangering the safety of your guns. The procedure takes some specialized skills and technical know-how but will function for any gun safe type. Always advise that you leave the moving of high-duty gun safe, electronic lock gun safe, or any specialty moves to only the professionals, but be sure that you follow all of the moving tips in this article as well. Moving Guns with Proper Safeguard

When moving your gun safe to a new location, be sure to notify the safe’s manufacturer and model number of the moving company that will be handling your safe. This way you can confirm that the moving company has the proper tools and experience to safely move your safe. Once you have confirmed this, the safe will be ready for the move. You should carefully watch the box to be sure that there are no breakable items inside as well as verify that the boxes are packed properly.

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When you arrive at your new home or office, be sure to empty any extra packing material from your gun safe before loading it into your vehicle. Many companies will provide you with a checklist of what you should do with the packing material so you do not forget any of the moving tips. When you arrive at your destin