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Local moving companies are a great way to move into a new home. Local movers will give the individual the option of packing up the belongings in smaller boxes and loading the move in a nearby truck or trailer. This option can be much less expensive than hiring a moving company with full-size trucks. However, there are several moving tips for interstate moves that should be followed regardless of the distance or time frame.

There is no standard size moving company; therefore it is important to ask the company what their largest moving range is. Local movers typically charge an average of one truck for every 100 square feet of space, so the larger the mover’s range, the more money it will cost. The average annual rate for a local mover is around fifty dollars, which includes the moving truck, materials, miscellaneous items, and the mover’s labor.

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Many individuals wonder how much the moving company will charge for pick up and delivery services. Many movers provide both standard delivery and pick up services. These services are charged separately based on the distance and time of the move. Pick up services are usually charged by the hour. Some local movers do not charge extra for delivery, but this depends on the company’s location, so it is best to ask questions before a move.

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