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Moving your piano is quite possible these days, however not everyone wants to take the time it takes to find a local piano mover and make arrangements. If you have a large instrument, you need to move it yourself and have enough spare time that you don’t mind paying some cash. You could try to ship it to your local piano movers. The good thing about piano movers is they typically pick up your instrument from your home and drive it there on the day you arrange to pick it up. This is convenient if you are busy and only have limited time to spend on your instrument.

If you decide to move your piano by yourself then the next question is how to move a piano. It depends on how heavy the instrument is as well as how far you want to move it. Long distance piano moving costs more than local moving because there are several costs to factor in. Local piano movers are likely to charge less than a professional piano moving company.

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Transporting an upright piano long distance usually involves: Insurance, long distance rental, and insurance coverage for damage or theft. Insurance covers the moving costs for both parties in case of an accident. Long distance piano movers will provide round-trip or next-round transport services. They will also provide storage rental for upright pianos to ensure their condition does not deteriorate.

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