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It is never an easy task relocating your refrigerator. But it can be done with the right tools and a little preparation. Best moving company in or close to Rio Grande Valley TX!

Check Refrigerator Moving Equipment List First! Check for damage on the inside walls of the refrigerator. Many movers will cover up the damage with some kind of a plastic shield that is glued to the back of the refrigerator. But it is important to know what is covered and what is not. The refrigerator is full of coolant (you need lots of coolant to keep it working properly) and other fluids and should be moved out completely, even if the door says it can be opened. Check all moving equipment and instruments.

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Identify Your Appliance Dolly (or moving cart) How to move a refrigerator with your hands? If the moving company has a moving cart, identify the wheels and determine how large it needs to be. Be very careful with fragile kitchen appliances – they can break very easily. You can use the manufacturer’s manual or get a book on moving appliances to know how to move a refrigerator.

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Identify All Items Moving to the Kitchen Appliance Room: As you a